Wednesday, July 24, 2013

4th Birthday Fairy Enchantment

For Riley's 4th Birthday, she was quite decided that she was having a fairy birthday party. I was thrilled because I had always wanted to do a fairy party!

I lucked out at a warehouse sale and found some leaf printed paper invites for super cheap, I think they were 50 for $4! I then printed out in super small fairy sized writing the invitation wording, rolled them up, tied with a bit of tulle & attached a magnifying glass in case the fairy's writing was just too small.

Venue, Decorations & Favors
This time around, this party was done in our house, let's just say it was nice and cozy, which was perfect for an enchanted fairy kingdom. There was a lot of tulle and logs & moss, I wanted a good mix of  fluffy, sparkly things and the natural world. I scavanged borrowed many items from family to use. My aunt has a collection of fairy figurines and had tons of left over tulle from doing her renewal of vows the year before, my good friend had cut down a tree and had tons of logs & small branches. I happened upon perfect purple and lime green sparkly branches & flowers and cute little sparkly butterflies at Michael's after Christmas sale for 70% off!

With the tulle, my niece and I draped it from one end of the room along the ceiling to the other, letting it hang down on each side, trying to make it feel "enchanted" and in a fairy cove. The logs were turned into various elements, from a flower tree to stands for the food.
Never did get a great picture of the tulle hanging, this was at the end of the day as it was starting to fall down.  

I was able to make the Happy Birthday banner from the same paper I made the invitations on, costing me absolutely nothing!

I included favors here, as I used the favors as part of the decorations. I had the coffee table set up with the fairy houses they were to decorate. I originally thought of them gluing on moss, sticks and rocks then they're 3 &  4 years old, lets make this easy.
I made tutus for the girls. I also wanted to get them fairy wings. Everywhere I checked, online & in stores, were very expensive. I knew that the Dollar Tree had them previously, but couldn't find them now. I went to their website & they had lots of 36 wings. Yeah, definitely didn't need 36 wings. However, when I priced them against purchasing the exact amount I needed, it was about the same. I decided to get them from the Dollar Tree, use extras as decorations then donate the remaining to R's preschool. Worked out great. To top it off, literally, I made simple fairy halo's made from wired garland & curling ribbons and to help with their fairy & gnome magic, we dressed up wands with curling ribbon & jingle bells. For the few boys that were coming, while they were welcomed to dress as fairies if they wanted to, we did have Elf hats (cone party hats spray painted green) and Elf beards that I made from a piece of felt to hook around their ears.
They were also able to pick out & take home one of the flower fairies we made & had used as decoration also.
Fairy house pre decoration along with the fairy wands.

Flower fairies in production
Flower Fairies as decoration
And Flower Fairy as favor

Just as I was able to use the invitation to make the birthday banner, I was also able to use it to make the food lables on the table. We had a wonderful sampling of woodland delights! For the cake, my sister found these adorable cupcake liners & picks, but I ran out of steam in making the cupcakes and sent Mr. to the store to buy some cupcakes. Not wanting the liners to go to waste, I slipped each store bought cupcake into the line & put the picks in them. I did completely fess up to all that they were from a store!
The food table
A close up showing how we used branches, logs river rocks & the fairy figurines

Butterfly sandwiches - PB&J and Chicken Salad

Toadstools - string cheese & tomato halves
*the "plate" was a slate candle holder I had!

Fairy Wands. We drilled holes into the branch to hold the skewers

Twigs & Berries

The Veggie Patch and the Fishing Pond

Since the guests were all 3 & 4 years old, I decided to keep the organized activities to a minimum and just allow time to play.  They got to decorate their fairy houses and my older daughter M read them one of R's favorite books, Camilla the Cupcake Fairy. Meanwhile, my niece painted fairy faces on the children.

Madison reading to the fairies
At the end of the party, I had a happy and very tired birthday girl.

Links to items used or ideas:
Flower Tree, though I ended up cutting my stems too short, was supposed to be like this one
Flower Fairies, possibly my favorite craft for this party, this will tell you how to make them
This blog gave me the inspiration for the rolled invitation.
This blog, gave me the inspiration for the natural aspects of the party, along with the Fairy Wand fruit kabobs
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